Joshua Jacober second session

Sunday, July 1, 2018

We discussed the homework that Joshua was able to work on and he showed me one of his compact drawings. He discovered that when he added color to the backside of the drawing and hold it to the light the color shows through and adds interest to the piece. Clever! So I told him we would explore some similar ideas with other papers and transparencies, I like his thinking!

We did warm up exercises, some cross contour studies, cross hatching, and practiced gesture drawing. Gesture drawing wasnt that easy for Joshua and he will practice at home, I suggested using an action figure for poses. I discussed composition shich is the arraangement of positive and negative shapes on the format or drawing page with bounding edges. The composition needs to fit within the format! We did several exercises designed to see the negative space in order to understand that, inside and outside are one and that if you drew only the negative space you would automatically have the positive space. I had Joshua create a view finder the same dimensions as his drawing paper, and suggested closing one eye in order to view the still life in a monocular way than in a bi-nocular way (both eyes).

I gave Joshua his homework and asked him to review the zen tangle book and practice some zen tangles which we would start to work on at every session. I hope. Three hours goes by fast.




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