July 2018

Fourth session with Joshua    Sunday, July 22, 2018

Joshua can write his signature now, he is a little shakey but if he actually had to sign something he could!!!

Joshua worked with charcoal today looking at a simple still life. I darkend the room and we went over how light defines the form. He can now point out the core light, the reflective light and the highlight. He will need to practice with the charcoal, its nice as easy as one might think.

I had him work on his grid drawing from last week, he trace transfered it onto a piece of paper and will put in tone at home as part of his homework.

Joshua Jacober, third session    Sunday, July 15, 2018

We skipped our last Sunday meeting so Joshua could go on vacay with his family. I asked him to take his sketch book with him which he did. I also sent him home with some Zen Tangle tiles. I suggested he use a micro pen instead of pencil, he said but then he couldn/t erase and I said thats okay, try it anyway. It seems he likes the dark contrast of the black ink.