The Ojai Art Detour

If you google The Art Detour you will find that the website indicates there will be no Art Detour this year. The website belongs to Dennis Wood and he has managed the Art Detour for the past ten years. HIs schedule this year is busier than usual and so he decided to take a year off. Because I wanted to participate in the Detour this year, I am taking it on. Dennis has graciously assisted me with a timeline of things that I need to set in motion. This is my first notification.

The Ojai Art Center

My work is in the large display case until March 31.



Sketching and working out ideas

I often draw to get a general idea out of my head for a painting.


I am still currently using my blog at


If you are reading here currently, please know there are a lot of glitches on the new web site until and unless I can figure out how to use it satsfactorily. :(